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Complete ETHER Flow Upgrade


AEON Flow Closed Headphone

AEON Flow, Open-Back Headphone

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AEON Flow, Open is the open-backed version of MrSpeakers' ground breaking compact and affordable full sized planar magnetic headphone.

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    STATUS: ÆON Flow Open is available now!

    ÆON Flow, Open is MrSpeakers' open-backed version of its award-winning ÆON Flow Closed headphone.

    ÆON Flow, Open is all metal construction for durability and highest sound quality, and sports a midnight blue/black metallic paint. ÆON Flow, Open utilizes the all the same advanced technologies found in our flagship ETHER Flow headphones, and delivers them in a super comfortable

    Designed, built and tested in San Diego, CA, ÆON offers a 2 year warranty for parts and labor.

    ÆON headphones include our DUMMER (Distinctly Un-Magical) cable with an integrated dual 1/4" and 3.5mm OR and XLR plug and a compact case for travel or storage.

    1. My goodness review by Nick M on 12/10/2017

      This is by far the best I've ever heard music through a set of headphones. Running these off of a Jotunheim hearing things I've never heard before. They are extremely comfortable. I love the look of them. Thank you Dan@mrspeakers for engineering such a masterpiece.

    2. Excellent musically-tuned headphone! review by Nick on 11/29/2017

      I have almost always been a closed-headphone user and have owned/used the following headphones: ATH-M30, MDR-V6, M50X, Shure 840, HD598, HD600, Nad HP50, T50RP MK3, AQ Nighthawk, Audeze LCD-X. Also owned MrSpeakers Mad Dog 3.2, Mad Dog Pro, Alpha Dog, Ether C Flow, Aeon Closed. I currently own the MrSpeakers Alpha Prime, ZMF Ori Bocote, T50RP Mayflower V1, and now most recently the Aeon Flow Open (a.k.a, the AFO).

      This headphone is super attractive and looks futuristic. It has excellent comfort and in my case is glasses-friendly. The included tuning filters are a great touch; I found the headphone to sound its best with no filters, my preferred tuning.

      The best way to describe how this Aeon Open sounds is extremely forgiving and musical.

      This is the most pleasant headphone I've heard yet; powerful bass, best midrange I've ever heard, natural and gentle highs, lovely!

      My other current headphones (and previously owned ones) have some distracting brightness in varying degrees in comparison. I liken it to a portrait where each instrument or sound has varying amounts of 'sheen' or metallic edges and the brighter the visual sheen, the brighter the sound..strange analogy, but bear with me.

      Whenever I cue up a song on the Aeon Open, the portrait of the music has no blinding glare or distracting sheen.

      Instead, there is a warm, liquid and realistic character; its as if every song is presented in a warm glow and with none of the 'edge' and even the harshest of songs are quite digestible to the ears. This non-fatiguing quality is most apparent when playing aggressive metal and other poorly mastered music that can bombard you with treble at times; you can really hone in on the music itself and focus on the instruments in a song.

      Its not mushy, either; decent speed and bass impact helps hold the musical portrait together. Speaking of impact: Drums come through very well and drum heavy tracks are quite satisfying to experience on the Aeon Open.

      Soundstage is the only weak link, imo. Everything sounds quite close and spatial cues are not as well defined as my other headphones, but because the other sound related attributes are so well balanced and executed, the soundstage is a rather small gripe, imo.

      As for genre pairing it is superb for hard rock, metal and any genre containing stringed instruments. Both male and female vocals excel as well. I say this because the forwardness of the midrange of this headphone gives you the 'feel' of the music rather than 'just hearing it'.

      In relation, the headphone itself has very low distortion, and as a result, you can crank the volume with little to no break up or harshness - likely a benefit of the open-back design.

      With the hardware bass eq (3 dot setting) on my ifi iCan SE, the Aeon Open becomes a formidable match for E.D.M, Trap, Hip Hop, Dub-step (basically, any bass and sub-bass heavy stuff). The bass body and low-end sub-bass rumble closely resembles a closed headphone - this is a major plus in my book and is my favorite attribute of the Aeon Open besides the midrange.

      Another thing I love about the aeon is its relatively easy to drive. My ifi iCan SE has 3 gain settings, it gets them loud on low gain at 12 o'clock

      I could go on and on, but for now, I will state that the Open Aeon is a headphone to be heard. It exceeded my expectations and has a permanent place in my collection.

      I would even go far as to say that in years time, this headphone will likely have a large following among audiophiles for its total-package quality as well as its powerful, analog sound.

    3. Great sound field review by Billy on 11/28/2017

      Depth and space of sound field, HiFi +, great application of unbalanced sound, my favorite so far. I usually buy balanced wires, etc., but I very much approve of this guy as is. Modern hifi recordings on this guy are audacious, close to a 3d effect, and sound movement in space is very good. Enjoy the depth and perception of this guy. A plus from me.

    4. all that and a bag of chips review by nostatic on 11/28/2017

      I am not prone to hyperbole (unless I'm criticizing the tech industry), but these headphones are spectacular. As a musician, I'm quite particular about how things sound. I've spent decades on my playing technique, and thousands of dollars and hours chasing tone in my playing. I also know what things sound like live, so a recording (e.g. Hiromi's Voice album) really needs to make that magic happen. Flaccid or non-existent bass, harsh or disappearing mids, sibilant highs - no thanks. The best recordings are those that you can revisit and find something new, either sonically or emotionally. All too often poor gear (particularly speakers or headphones) obscure the details that the musicians and producer created. The Aeon Flow Opens have been a revelation. While I have very good near field studio monitors for mixing (Focal Solo 6Be), my headphones have always for some reason been on the "budget" side of things. At some point you realize you only have so many hours left on this planet to listen to music, so it might as well be an amazing experience. The AFOs enable that magic.

      Actually my first introduction to Mr. Speakers was about 2 years ago. I was playing a gig at a restaurant in Marina del Rey and there were a few guys sitting at a table with a small tube headphone amp and some large headphones (Ethers I believe). During a break I asked them about them, they said is was from a company in San Diego. They gave me a quick listen with some good source material - awesome. I suppose I made a mental note, and thankfully due to forums ended up here and the AFOs were exactly what I was looking for.

    5. Many firsts for me review by Flash on 11/28/2017

      First true low resistance phone, I have owned, and I have bought a few, searching for that elusive ideal. This is the first phone I have bought that sounds better hooked straight to my Mac laptop, even better then hooked to my Mac tower. You guys don't work for Mac, do you? I won't be retiring my expensive balanced collection or dac, but you guys make a guy wonder about it. Hey, hifi portability, what more can I say? Truly, luscious.

    6. Importance of knowing the specs review by Billy D on 11/28/2017

      When I started using this, I was not aware of the 13 ohm resistance, a very important thing to know, I wonder that a few people haven't completely blown them out. This is awesome directly off my mac pro laptop, no need for a dac. It is balanced and performs audaciously, but when I plug it into my brand new mac tower, it doesn't perform as well, and the only thing I can figure, is that the tower has a hotter connection. Don't plug this into a dac, unless you know for sure it is low resistance, do not plug it into a tube amp. Publishing specs is important to the user.

    7. Impressions review by Butch on 11/28/2017

      At first I tried to use it on the unbalanced connection on my pha-3. Whoa it can't be this bad, then a different connection, not what I expected at all. Then I tried it plugged straight into my Mac laptop, huge sigh of relief, and sound euphoria. I know it will sound even better off a good grade dac, but I totally enjoy it plugged straight into my Mac laptop. The one and only phone I have that I can say that about, and I have some high rated ones. I can actually hear the resonance on the guitar strings without any outside help. Enjoy it as it is, great job guys.

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