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VOCE Electrostatic Headphone

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VOCE is MrSpeakers' electrostatic headphone.

NOTE: Photograph does not show dust protecting screen beneath the grill. Actual appearance will differ slightly.

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    VOCE is MrSpeakers' electrostatic headphone. VOCE is designed to deliver exceptional sound and to be compatible with all Stax Pro (580V) bias amplifiers. VOCE's key features include: 1) 88mm driver for extended and rich bass that extends down to 10Hz 2) Super-thin metal stators for enhanced resolution 3) Custom round, flexible and microphonic-free silver-plated copper cable terminated with machines Teflon and aluminum plug. The cable is also user-detachable from the headphone for simpler maintenance (note: this is not for daily cable changes) as well as the option to use 3rd party cables. 4) Convenient and attractive storage box with built-in headphone stand 5) All metal construction, less than 330gr for extended comfort 6) Tuning filters for customized listening experience 7) Field-serviceable driver module Important notes on electrostatic headphones: -Electrostatic headphones must be used with an appropriate electrostatic amplifier or energizer (energizers connect to the outputs of a loudspeaker amplifier) to operate. -Many electrostatic headphones make a "zip" sound when the headphone is put on or removed. This is the sound of the charged driver touching the stator, and due to the electric fields, sticking briefly to it before releasing. Due to VOCE's very large driver size the driver may be more prone to this than some other electrostatic headphones. As the stator is insulated this will not cause damage to the driver, and should be considered normal operation.
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