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Introducing ETHER2, our new planar flagship

ETHER Flow series updated to version 1.1

With V-Planar driver technology, exceptional comfort and fresh sound, MrSpeakers’ original ETHER headphones caused quite a stir. Two years ago we released ETHER Flow, which added TrueFlow(™) tech to the the motor to deliver a more organic and nuanced sound. Today, we’re pleased to announce two major products; our all-new ETHER 2 headphone and a major, backwards-compatible update to ETHER Flow, version 1.1.

ETHER 2: Put the Pedal to the Metal

ETHER 2 has an entirely new motor optimized around TrueFlow technology. Instead of designing TrueFlow into an existing motor, we designed a new motor around the TrueFlow tech to realize a major improvement in linearity, dynamics and detail. And we didn’t stop there. To make the most of the increased resolution of the motor we developed an all-new diaphragm that’s 60% lighter than the original.

As a result, ETHER 2 delivers incredible clarity, powerful and fast bass, liquid mids, and a smooth, balanced top end that’s incredibly resolving yet not at all bright to deliver a remarkably lifelike rendering of your favorite music.

Shed Weight, Not Performance

ETHER 2 is all metal and carbon fiber for ultimate sound quality and durability. Yet it's light. Really light, weighing in at a scant 290 grams. That makes it almost 90 grams or 3.75 ounces lighter than our comfortable ETHER Flow headphones, and the lightest TOTL over-ear headphone on the market. Wear it all day, because you can.

Amazingly, this weight drop didn’t involve switching from metal to plastic components, which would compromise sound and reduce product life. Nope. Instead, ETHER 2 still sports an all metal headphone cup and headband, with a carbon fiber driver baffle so it’s built to last, in style.

At under 290gr, ETHER 2 is not only the lightest full size planar magnetic headphone on the market, it may be the lightest top-of-the-line headphone from any high-end vendor. Ultralight weight, a new ergonomic ear pad, and an enhanced webbed head-strap combine to make ETHER 2 the new standard in comfort.

ETHER Flow 1.1

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? As everyone knows, we’re committed to the notion of making product updates available to current headphone owners whenever it’s technically and financially viable. A few months ago some product owners requested we look at providing a tuning kit similar to the AEON tuning kits for our ETHER Flow line. Not only did we come up with a tuning kit, but we came up with a nifty, easy to install upgrade that current owners can install in minutes, with no tools, and that’s totally reversible.

Simply remove the ear pads, remove the felt and foam damper, cover the driver with an included decal, replace the pads, and on the ETHER C Flow apply a decal over the vent port, and voila! Enjoy greater resolution, a larger soundstage, and better dynamics.

AND you get a tuning kit that lets you shape the sound to your taste using three materials that can be combined in any way, or not used at all. Get Wired with VIVO Cable!

We didn’t stop at the headphone, either. While our original DUM (Distinctly Un-Magical) cable was a great performer, it was a bit stiffer and more microphonic than we wanted, so we set out to upgrade the cable.

Meet VIVO, our new flagship cable! VIVO is based on our critically acclaimed VOCE electrostatic cable, and offers improved ergonomics and stellar sound with fantastic soundstage and imaging.

VIVO has a remarkably supple feel and is so light you’ll hardly notice it’s there. Careful construction also means it’s non-microphonic so it’s comfortable and “quiet.” For sound quality, this fully-custom cable design incorporates silver plated OFHC copper and top-quality connectors available in 6’ and 10’ 1/4” and 4-pin XLR terminations, and portable friendly 3.5’ 2.5, 3.5, and 4.4mm cables.

Introducing ETHER Flow 1.1

ETHER and new ETHER Flow Headphones

A few months ago, some ETHER Flow owners asked us if we could provide tuning kits for ETHER similar to those we provide with our ÆON headphones.

So we set out to improve the sound of the award-winning ETHER headphones, and we set a few goals for the project, including:

  • It had to be 100% backward compatible with all ETHER Flow headphones
  • We wanted the upgrade to be "owner-friendly," no returns to the factory
  • It had to be "tool free"
  • It had to be affordable
  • Consistency and reliability were paramount

It's Hard to be Easy

A short enough list, but it took some time to devise a new damping strategy that was not only backward compatible but user-friendly (and reversible). But we hit on a solution, and we're pleased to say it's "stone axe simple," installing in just minutes, affordable, and sonically great!

1.1 Upgrades for Sale Starting Oct 2

All new headphones purchased from MrSpeakers directly will include a 1.1 tuning kit, and we'll provide free tuning kits to all owners who have purchased in the last thirty days or purchase a retail unit that hasn't been upgraded. Details to follow on Monday Oct 1 when we post the order information for the tuning kit and upgrade the product pages.

ETHER Flow and ETHER C Flow Headphones

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