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ETHER Flow 1.1


ETHER Flow 1.1 Open Box

VOCE Electrostat Ear Pads

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Ear pads for MrSpeakers Electrostatic and ETHER planar-magnetic headphones.

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    These ear pads sport a very large round opening for the ear. Designed for our VOCE Electrostatic headphone, the pads are also compatible with all ETHER headphone models. The electrostat ear pads may potentially be used with headphones from other vendors, but please note that we make no representations these ear pads will fit any headphone besides our own. Changing ear pads is a fun, easy and reversible way to modify the sound and feel of your headphone. For ETHER owners, the pads generally create a large soundstage, with a slightly darker midrange. Because the ear hole is so large, it's also possible to change the tone of the headphone by repositioning the position of the headphone relative to the ear. In general, we find that the ear pads produce a brighter sound when the headphone is moved toward the back of the head, while more forward positions darken the mids. NOTE: Ear pad sales are final.

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    1. Not just for big ears review by Kromtor on 7/31/2017

      These things are an 11/10

      Every serious headphone enthusiast should have these pads to swap out on any cans they'll fit, because they really have the potential to enhance sound due in part to the larger opening. What they did for my modded t50rp mk3 was amazing:

      -big time sub-bass extension. i can hear 20-24hz clearly now, whereas with any other pad setup i had trouble making it out until about 23hz
      -soundstage, definitely widened
      -there's less bass impact, than with brainwavz hybrids, but that's possibly due to less of an unwanted midbass bump
      -mids and highs are just as clear as before, but they hit you from more angles which makes for a more tingle-inducing experience

      Comfort is exceptional. They are angled (hard to tell in the pic) quite perfectly for me, with no wasted space between ear and driver.

      I can only imagine how they'd sound on a better pair of headphones.

    2. Great for HiFiman HE-500 and HE-6. review by deefi on 6/23/2017

      Overall pretty significant soundstage increase, tiny bump at 1k but from then on darken the headphone up a bit. using them on grill-less HE-500, but would be a perfect match for HE-6 users who think treble can be a little over exciting.

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