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MrSpeakers in the news

Mr Speakers Ether C Headphones

By Janine Elliot // March 10, 2016

At £1250 with the standard cable or £1350 with the Premium cable, the Mr Speakers Ether C headphones certainly fall into the high-end price bracket, but will they deliver on sound quality? Janine Elliot finds our for Hifi Pig. I’ve been listening to new ground-breaking headphones since, well, Sennheiser 414s. Every time the intention was that they were better than the one before, otherwise there would be no point. All I had heard before these were closed back, heavy and tight fitting ‘head vices’ that had bass, middle and no definition for my young 20kHz ears to benefit from.


by Chris Martens // Feb 07, 2017

In 2015 the California-based firm MrSpeakers launched two world-class planar magnetic headphones: the open-back ETHER and the closed-back ETHER C (reviewed in Hi-Fi+ issue 135). Laymen and veteran headphone enthusiasts alike reacted favourably to both ETHER models and both went on to win widespread critical acclaim (in fact, Hi-Fi+ gave the ETHER C its Closed-Back Headphone of the Year award). Given the continuing ‘buzz’ surrounding the initial ETHER models, many assumed it would be a good, long while before MrSpeakers saw any need to revise these two award winning designs. “If it ain’t broke,” as the old saying goes, “don’t fix it.”

MrSpeakers Introduces AEON Over-Ear Sealed Headphone

By Tyll Hertsens // Jan 30, 2017

I've kvetched quite a bit about the need for some killer headphones in the $500-$1000 price range. Seems like headphone makers just jumped by that price category in an ever more intense race to the top...of your willingness to break your wallet. Looks like we're going to get some relief from MrSpeakers.

The newly announced AEON is a sealed, over-ear, planar magnetic headphone that will be sold for $799. I've only had a couple of days to listen and measure, but I'm impressed. The AEON will definitely get a review.

MrSpeakers ÆON Review

by Dan Browdy // February 1, 2017

MrSpeakers has been on a bit of a roll lately. From humble beginnings modifying the headphones made by other companies, Dan Clark has grown MrSpeakers into a pillar of the industry. With the recent release of the Flow updates to the popular ETHER and ETHER C, MrSpeakers has improved two of the best headphones in their respective markets. However, as happy as people are with the ETHERs, many long-time supporters of MrSpeakers have been waiting for them to return to their roots and introduce a model in a more affordable price bracket than the $1799 flagships. Now we have the new MrSpeakers ÆON. Priced at $799, this closed-back can appears to be just what fans have been waiting for. After spending some time with it, I’m certain it will bring in a whole load of new Mr. Speakers fanatics as well.

The Best Open Back Headphone I’ve Tested So Far!

By The PC Enthusiast // Feb 28, 2017

Headphones are very interesting and quite mysterious in their own way. You’ll never know how they sound like or if you’ll like how they sound, not until you tried them. Late last year, I got a couple of new audio gear and was able to test and listen to what I think is the best open back headphone I’ve listened to (so far) – the MrSpeakers ETHER Flow Planar Magnetic headphone. That’s right, today I’ll be sharing to you my experience with this $1,800 headphone. Sound quality and audio performance is simply fantastic and definitely top notch; I love the sound signature and craftsmanship is just superb. Frankly speaking, most of the expensive headphones, specially flagship or TOTL headphones, are expected to have great sound quality and performance. But what sets the Ether Flow unique from the rest is what you’ll find out in this review. Also, if you’re in the market looking for the best open back headphone and budget is not a factor, please continue reading my MrSpeakers Ether Flow review below and find out if this is the right headphone for you.

MrSpeakers ÆON Over-The-Ear Stereo Headphones
The ÆON is very possibly MrSpeaker's headphone masterpiece.

Review By Dave Hansen // March 2017

How many over-ear headphones can you name priced between $499 and $999? You would think there would be more, but there really aren't many these days. While there has been a flood of flagship-level megabuck headphones over the past couple of years (to go with the usual selection of sub-$500 fare), it seems many manufacturers somehow forgot about the middle. So like many other personal audio enthusiasts, I was extremely interested when the venerable MrSpeakers announced they would be filling the vacuum with their attractively-priced $799 ÆON over-ear headphone.



Over the last year and a half or so, there has been an explosion of high performance headphones in the coveted just under a thousand dollar price bracket, and MrSpeakers is the most recent high-end manufacturer to throw their hat in the ring.
Or I should say return to the ring, as not so long ago they were a heavy hitter in the category with their highly praised Fostex T50RP based Mad Dog and Alpha Dog headphones. As I understand it, it was Fostex’s decision to change the sound of the T50RP that inspired MrSpeakers to develop the ETHER series headphones using drivers of their own manufacturer (rather than doing a complete revoicing of the T50RP), something we must all thank Fostex for, as MrSpeakers has been on fire, producing five new headphones in the last two years; the ETHER, the ETHER C, the ETHER Flow, the ETHER C Flow, and now the AEON.


By Marcus // December 28, 2016

Change can sometimes be evolutionary and yet dramatic at the same time. However, when MrSpeakers suggested I upgrade my “Writer’s choice of 2015” Ether C headphone to the new $1799 Flow edition citing a major (read dramatic) enhancement to the sound plus a brand new (read evolutionary) design, I resisted for a while.

MrSpeakers makes world-class headphones

By Vlad Savov // September 28, 2016

Artisanal craftsmanship. You’ll have heard this phrase bandied about by every bozo with a half-baked idea and a crowdfunding account, but today I want to tell you about a true 21st century example of it. There’s a small company in sunny San Diego, California, that engineers and produces some of the world’s best headphones, designing every single component from the ground up, and refining and improving through the age-old method of trial and error. It works with genuine materials, it has genuine goals, and it’s powered by the genuine passion of genuine music enthusiasts. Its founder is Dan Clark, an engineer whose history in designing audio equipment lends the company its name, MrSpeakers..

April 2016: ETHER C is a World Class Headphone

ETHER C joins Innerfidelity’s Wall of Fame!


March 2016: CNET Says ETHER C Takes it to the Limit

As the hours rolled by the Ether C kept surprising me, from one recording to the next they all sounded nice; the music always drew me in.

March 2016: Mad Lust Envy’s Gaming Guide Reviews ETHER C

Spoiler alert: “…if I was in the market for a closed headphone at this price range, I honestly wouldn’t even consider anything else.”

March 2016: ETHER Electrostatic Preview

“This will, without a doubt, be a top-tier model to watch carefully…”