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ETHER C Flow 1.1

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    1. A sublime experience review by pacsman on 10/26/2018

      I was very happy with my Ether Flow C 1.0 but I decided that since Dan had better ideas, I should give the 1.1 a try. He kindly performed the upgrade at the RMAF. The 1.1 upgrade brings the Ether Flow C to a higher level. The 1.0 had some congestion with the lower mid frequencies and the 1.1 removes this. The highs are more clear and detailed. I have tried at least 10 similar priced open headphones that can't demonstrate the soundstage or music detail like the Ether Flow C. This relatively low impedance headphone and a small amp makes my phone a viable transport for my music at home and during my weekly travel. My only complaint is that I now cringe when I hear lower quality products.

    2. review by Steve C on 2/21/2017

      Of all the closed headphones I have had the pleasure of listening to. These are THE end game. Ive had to make compromises with the low end or soundstage. These don't sound like they have any of the limits placed on them that MOST closed headphones are forced to endure. I have both the open and these closed here and I am far more impressed with the closed version.

      I run them balanced off of either an AUNE X7s or Schiit Jotunheim. Single Ended I can power them off my OppO HA2 for when I travel. They are amazing in their clarity and sub-bass representation. I would use these for professional monitoring as well. They have so little distortion of the true response.

      A+ in the headphone world.

    2 Item(s)

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