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  • ETHER 2 headphone ETHER 2 headphone
  • ETHER 2 headphone ETHER 2 headphone
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    1. Finally! review by Spudz on 11/27/2018

      For ages I've searched for end game headphones. They've always been too heavy, or too bass heavy, or too bright, or something.

      The Ether 2 fits my needs like a glove. It's rich bass, smooth mids and easy going but detailed highs make it a great fit for pretty much all my music. It's comfort is top notch and never leaves me feeling comfort interferes with my ability to listen all day.

      With the sky high prices of most flagship headphones the Ether 2 seems like a best-buy. Heartily recommended!

    2. Did anyone say lightweight? review by Jeff on 11/25/2018

      These are amazing, good low end, brilliant highs and the mids do not muck anything up. They are so light and comfy, and the pads are luxurious. Build quality is fantastic, well worth the price to acquire.

    3. Very light and comfortable wearing feeling & vast sound field.but…… review by Hrimfaxi-03 on 11/20/2018

      I was surprised at the lightness of Ether 2.

      I do not feel weight.(290gram)

      The sound field is also very big and I feel like in a concert hall.

      But ... the sound is ambiguous because it is too wide.

      It seems that the sound is hidden and the performance is getting worse as compared with the past Ether series in almost all categories, resolution, transparency, sound separation.

      So boring……

      I tried it with various audio systems, but it did not improve.

      Even including the material and structure of the ear pads, I can not imagine that it is a headphone of $2000.

      If the ear pad is perforated, I think the sound will be improved considerably.

      To be honest I thought that Ether 2 was headphones with only feather-like lightness & very wide sound.

      that's all.

      I felt sad.

    4. best of Mr Speakers planar headphone, period. review by Ron on 11/19/2018

      Incredibly natural real lifelike timbre. Sounds of piano, drum, cymbal, vocals are just so real.

      It has absolutely fastest transient response among previous Ether series. And the bass yes it definitely goes low.

      Ultimate comfort. So light . And it's an all rounder can. I can listen to classical orchestra, smooth jazz and heavy metal songs.

    4 Item(s)

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