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  1. WyWires Platinum

    WyWires Platinum High-End Headphone Cable
  2. DUMMER Cable for AEON and ETHER Headphones

    DUMMER Cable for AEON and ETHER Headphones
  3. VOCE Headphone Cable VOCE Headphone Cable

    VOCE Headphone Cable

    Our premium electrostatic cable for VOCE headphones. Cables may be replaced by the owner.
  4. VIVO Super-Premium Headphone Cable

    VIVO (in life) is our new super-premium headphone cable. SHIPPING STATUS: VIVO cables are shipping. Lead time is 2-3 days, though we may have occasional delays for less common terminations.
  5. Cable Plugs, Male, for all MrSpeakers Headphones

    Cable plug for DIY and custom cable makers.  1 is needed for Mad Dog Pro cables and 2 are needed for ÆON, Alpha and ETHER cables.
  6. DUM Dual-Entry Cables DUM Dual-Entry Cables

    DUM Dual-Entry Cables

    MrSpeakers' premium 24AWG (per conductor) cable for Alpha and ETHER headphones.

    Regular Price: $199.99

    Special Price $99.99

  7. Cable Jack

    Female cable jack for use in cable assembly (simplifies opening and closing the plug).
Set Ascending Direction


7 Item(s)