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Ampsandsound Kenzie Encore Headphone Amp

Mjolnir 2

Quick Overview

The Mjolnir 2 is a fully balanced amplifier capable of running in tube or solid state modes. Delivering exceptional performance for it's price, the Mjolnir 2 will deliver an exceptionally satisfying experience with all our planar headphones.

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This amp is the Schiit. Despite its affordable price tag, this amplifier has established itself as one of our favorite amps for voicing our headphones, alongside our high-end Cavalli and Woo Audio amps. The Schiit Mjolnir 2 runs as either a solid-state or a tube-hybrid balanced amp, making it easy to dial the Mjolnir's sound signature. Switching between tube and solid state is as simple as unplugging the tube or LISST (solid state tube) and exchanging for the device of your choice. We love the Mjolnir 2. In all respects it's a step up from the excellent Mjolnir. It is superbly detailed, fast but never "etched" or synthetic sounding and perfectly complements our ETHER and ETHER C headphones to deliver a very wide and deep soundstage, with a natural tone, excellent dynamics and exceptional imaging and separation. In one sense, this is our favorite thing about the Mjolnir 2, it renders instruments with body and volume in a way that is really high-end, without the price tag. It's beauty and beast. When paired with ETHER we prefer tubes to the LISST modules. We have tested and like the Philips Miniwatt, and Sylvania Green Hornet 6DJ8s and the more affordable National 6922. The Miniwatts deliver our favorite experience, but they are costly. On top of the excellent soundstage, the right tubes realize an extremely effortless and liquid midrange with heaps of detail and a tone is on the warm side of neutral. Highs are clean yet remarkably mellow and detailed without being analytical, and bass that has real punch, tone and texture. There's simply nothing about this amp we don't like. In it's price class the Mjolnir 2 is a desktop that is worthy of consideration. All Schiit Audio products are for sale to US addresses only.
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