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Alpha Pads (genuine lamb-leather)

MrSpeakers Leather Comfort Strap

Quick Overview

The Leather Comfort Strap is for DIY'ers to improve the comfort of the Fostex RP series headphones.

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  • Details

    Increase your listening pleasure by making your headphones more comfortable.  The MrSpeakers Leather Comfort Strap installs in less than two minutes.  The strap:
    • Works with any Mad Dog headphone, as well as any stock or modified Fostex T50RP
    • Is hand-made in San Diego using top-quality vat dyed leather
    • Follows the contours of the factory headband for a nice, clean finish
    • Uses leather selected to minimize “slippage” on your head
    • Is supple enough to smoothly spread the weight of the phone for minimal hot-spots and pressure points
    • Includes top-quality German-made plastic screws that are a perfect match to the factory screws
    Installation Directions:
    1. Use a #2 Phillips screwdriver and remove the large phillips' head screw on one side of the headphone's head band.  This releases the ear-cup and height adjustment assemblies from the head band, so MrSpeakers' suggest you have the headphone on a table to avoid having the cup drop and damage the delicate wiring.
    2. Take the leather comfort strap and align it to the head-band.  Make sure the suede side of the leather is exposed.  If you use the smooth side on your head, your headphones will be more prone to sliding.  The suede provides a better grip.
    3. Use one included washer and one screw and push through the headband.  Align the metal posts to the grooves on the headband, then place the plastic coupling piece back in position, then screw the assembly back together.  DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THE SCREW*, just tighten enough that the metal posts for fit adjustment move with gentle pressure but don't slide freely.
    4. Repeat for the other channel.
    *MrSpeakers does not warranty damage to the Fostex or MrSpeakers Mad Dog headphones should you strip the plastic.

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    1. Have a Mk3? But this! review by Ryan on 12/9/2017

      This strap made my T50's so much more comfy to wear. Really great quality leather, perfectly sized to fit. Looks like it came that way from the factory. My wife asked why they padded the top band if they were going to put that leather piece in, so it fooled her! If I had one wish, it would come with black screws like the stock ones. But don't let that stop you! You can sharpie the heads if it bothers you; you need this strap for your Mk3's! Worth every penny, even considering the hit I took on exchange to Canadian funny money.

    2. Excellent product review by hiski on 6/30/2017

      I ordered MrSpeakers Leather Comfort Strap for my Fostex T50RP MK3 and I can't believe how much better it made the headphones. An excellent product! Thanks for making it.

    3. If you have MKIII's, just get these. review by KT on 6/13/2017

      I used to have to take breaks after wearing my T50RP's for more then a few hours due to a pressure point on top of my head. Very glad I decided to grab this as it makes them so much more comfortable. Incredibly easy to install, even to someone who has never modded headphones before, such as myself. I only wish I could get something like this for some other headphones, such as the M1060, but I digress.

      If you have a spare 20 and have a RP series headphone, do yourself a favor and get this.

    4. review by Ryan on 12/30/2016

      I have T50RP MK3's and this thing makes a surprising amount of difference, the strap seems to distribute weight a lot better than the stock strap. There's no longer weird pressure on the top of the head. Definitely would recommend.

    5. review by BuddyVanDoodle on 11/3/2016

      Brings the comfort of my T20RP MK3's from a 7.5 (velour pads) to a 10. If you have a pair of TxxRP MK2/3, just buy it.

    6. review by John on 4/5/2016

      Yes! This finally gives my T50RP Mk3 the perfect comfort level. No pressure points, no finicky clamping force. Everything is perfect. For anyone who's on the fence about these: don't be. Squeeze your wallet like a lemon, turn your couch upside and scour the room for spare change, steal your child's piggy bank! These make your vanilla T50RP's so comfy that you'll never want to take these off your head ever again.

      My setup: T50RP Mk3 with Shure 1540 pads and V-Moda black audio extension cable, and now the comfort strap. (I may switch to T40RP Mk3 for more bass-heavy goodness.)

    7. review by miro on 11/5/2013

      You must drop this in the cart with your new alpha pads. I was going to cut up a belt but even a cheap belt cost more than this strap and this is perfectly fitted to the t50. The strap comes with longer screws so no trip to the hardware store either, nice.
      In addition to the (much needed) added comfort, I could swear bass improved with the firmer and more uniform seating on my head.
      This + alpha dog = bliss
      Thanks Dan!

    8. review by Blake on 10/20/2013

      When i first put it on I didn't think there was anything special about it, though it did make it so the earpads stayed put on my ears as opposed to drooping.

      Four hours later, I forgot I was still wearing headphones.

      Yeah, it's really nice.

    9. review by KHP on 12/15/2012

      Bought the comfort strap for my own modded T50RP and it is amazing. Really easy to install and increases the comfort of the headphones tremendously. The quality of the leather is great, a good thickness but still supple. I am extremely happy with my purchase and highly recommend this product to anyone who has the t50rp headphones.

    10. review by Isaac Huffman on 6/16/2012

      When you buy the Mad Dog you are buying the ultimate headphone hot rod. In much the same way that some guys in barn take the engine of a Volvo XC90 and enhanced into Noble M600 (aka one of the world's best cars). Mr Speakers takes the Fostex T50RP and makes it into the Mad Dog (aka one of the world's best headphones) . When you buy a hot rod, you spring for the leather interior. Not only will it help make fit better to your head, it feels way better than the original headband. A must for any Mad Dog customer.

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