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All our ETHER and ÆON headphones are our V-Planar™ driver and all ETHER Flow and ÆON headphones incorporate TrueFlow™ waveguides. V-Planar technology pleats the driver surface so as to reduce distortion, improve transient response, and extend the frequency range.

Our ETHER Flow and ÆON Flow headphones also TrueFlow* technology which eliminates turbulence-inducing right-angles from driver’s motor structure for greatly reduced distortion, extended frequency response and improved dynamics.

TrueFlow Motor Optimization

All planar magnetic drivers utilize magnets in their motors. These magnets create right-angles audio waves must pass, creating turbulence in the audio waveform that masks lower level details. Simply stated, TrueFlow technology fills in the area between magnets with perforated material so the driver is moving air through a flat, perforated surface free from right angels. The result is a remarkable increase in resolution and dynamics, and extended frequency response.

V-Planar Driver Processing

ETHER is built around MrSpeakers single-ended planar driver. To optimize performance the driver has been processed using our patent-pending V-Planar technology.

A conventional planar driver is assumed to move as a flat surface. In reality, this is not possible as the driver is inelastic and “locked” at the boundaries so the driver moves more as a bowed surface than a flat plane, as illustrated in Figure 1.

Without Flow

With Flow

FIGURE 1: Conventional Driver Motion

To address this issue we collaborated with Bruce Thigpen of Eminent Technology to develop V-Planar knurling. In simplified form, V-Planar technology deeply creases the diaphragm, allowing it to “accordion” when going through the larger motions required by bass notes. Much as pleats allow an accordion to expand and contract without stretching the fabric, the creases in the driver "open" slightly during larger excursions as illustrated in Figure 2. 

FIGURE 2: V-Planar Driver Motion

V-Planar can not only push more air at low frequencies, it also delivers better dynamics, high-end frequency response, and measurably lower distortion.

*We have applied for patents for shaping the wave within magnet trays and between bar magnets.  We would like to acknowledge some prior art for a cool “ear-side” wave guide modification for the Fostex T50RP by ZGLISZCZ on head-fi.org here


ETHER uses the same pinout as our Alpha Prime and Alpha Dog headphones. The plug is available to cable manufacturers at www.evalucon.com, and the part number is SN-8-4(P). For your convenience they are available for purchase on our accessories tab.

  • 1 = L+
  • 2 = L- (or ground for single ended cables)
  • 3 = open
  • 4 = open
  • 1 = R+
  • 2 = R- (or ground for single ended cables)
  • 3 = open
  • 4 = open